“How To Be An A-List Exhibitor” Workshop

Course Description:

Like any other career — medicine, sales, manufacturing or entertainment — being a professional psychic requires an understanding of good business practices. I’ve been a “road warrior” for well over a decade, and have been a professional intuitive counselor for more than twenty years. I’ve learned not only how to be a good reader and counselor, but how to get the best out of advertising, how to budget to stay “in the black,” how to network and keep my clients in close contact, among many other skills and talents. I’m happy to share them here with you. As I always say, there are billions of people in the world, and I can’t read them all! There is always room for another good professional psychic or vendors of quality metaphysical goods or services. This is how to make sure you can afford to be one for years to come.

Course Objectives: 

  1. By the end of the intensive, you should have a good sense of advantageous business practices that will help your business stand out in any fair or expo venue, large or small.
  2. You will collect new ideas about how to expand your business beyond the expo scene.
  3. You will gain insight into how to keep your business running in terms of logistics, legalities and organization.

Prerequisites:  You should be familiar with the average expo or fair setup, and have a particular business model in mind.

Course topics:

  1. Introduction: What is an A-list exhibitor?
  2. Choosing Which Fairs To Do
  3. Designing Your Booth
  4. Dress for Psychic Success
  5. Choosing a Front Person
  6. Professionalism at an Expo
  7. Networking with Fellow Professionals
  8. Keeping In Touch With Clients
  9. The Costs of Being a Road Warrior
  10. If You’re Not Good To You, You’re Not Good To Your Clients
  11. Ethics
  12. How To Charge What You’re Worth
  13. The Place of Humor in the Metaphysical Business
  14. Corporate Gigs and Private Parties
  15. Legalities (including Electronic Signatures)
  16. Advertising
  17. Workshops and Webinars
  18. Radio and Television Gigs
  19. Social Media

Supplementary Materials:  There were be several hand-outs and examples for items like sign-in sheets, rack cards, advertising flyers, postcards, reference materials, booth signs, etc.